Our services: Installation monitoring & analysis

Monitoring system

Rent an installation monitoring system to improve speed and reliability of your offshore processes.



  • Fixed price per device per month
  • 2 sensors, 1 base station
  • Best for projects that focus on a single turbine or a single lifting tool
  • Email us the start and end date of your project and get back a quote
  • Custom pricing
  • 10 sensors, ≥1 base stations
  • Continuous remote support by a customer success engineer
  • Best for projects that involve the complete wind farm installation
Additional motion sensor boxes can be added
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Book consulting to make best use of the monitoring system. Based on our experience of analyzing installations of offshore wind farms, we offer consulting services for your project: From the office or from the installation vessel. We can provide analysis before and during installation, customize our monitoring software for your needs, and help you digitize and streamline your offshore processes.

From the office:
  • Process analysis: We can help you find critical process steps in your installation procedure and create a concept for monitoring the processes
  • Custom software: We can customize our monitoring software for your needs

From offshore:
  • Process analysis: We can come onboard the installation vessel to help you make best use of our monitoring system and provide live analysis
  • Trainings: We already have the necessary GWO trainings such as Sea Survival, HUET and Working at Heights to be allowed to work offshore