Rent an installation monitoring system for the duration of your project. Prices include hardware and software.



  • 2 sensors, 1 base station
  • 999 € per month
  • 1999 € one time fee
  • Best for projects with a single turbine
  • 50 sensors, 2 base stations
  • 199 € per sensor per month
  • 399 € per sensor one time fee
  • Custom onboarding
  • Continuous remote support by a customer success engineer
  • Best for large wind farms projects
Additional motion sensor boxes can be added
(per sensor: 199 € per month, 399 € one time fee)
Number of motion sensor boxes can be adjusted
(per sensor: 199 € per month, 399 € one time fee)
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All listed prices are before taxes.

If you prefer purchasing the hardware and paying for a software subscription separately, please contact and we will make you an offer.